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Hi, I'm Guil

Front-end Developer & Agile Project Manager

Guil Sa


Guil Sa, 32 years, graduated in Advertising & P.R. from City University of NY. Experience in projects using the Extreme Programming agile methodology since 2013 and ReactJS/Redux, Ruby, Sinatra and Firebase since 2015. Former client services and digital strategist for two advertising multinationals. Loves cooking, swimming and researching tech trends.
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Group 4
Group 5
Front-end development of single page apps, websites, e-commerce and systems.

HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, ReactJS, SASS/BEM, Responsive Design, Git & Github, Bootstrap, Webpack.
Agile Development
Process best practices: sketching, sizing user stories with planning poker, scope priotization, execution, QA.
Custom UI components focused on reusability and one-way data flow.
Front-end architecture.
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Aug 2015 - Present
Freelance Full-Stack Developer
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Dec 2013 - Oct 2014
Agile Evangelist @helabs
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Aug 2011 - Jun 2013
Project Manager @aunica, @ignitionone.
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Aug 2008 - Apr 2011
Digital Strategist @mullenlowe.


VouAtras.com Consumer complaint concierge with payment integration on backend.
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Interview Sidekick
Interview Sidekick Conduct better interviews by sharing and managing interview questions across teams.
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SocketIO Chat Prototype
SocketIO Chat Prototype Chat app with emission, capturing and broadcasting of events in real­time. Backend test project.
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Github Battle Prototype
Github Battle Prototype Battle two Github profiles for a winner. Frontend architecture project in ReactJS.
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ProductHunt.com Home Prototype
ProductHunt.com Home Prototype Hand-coded HTML/CSS representation of producthunt.com's homepage. Responds differently to large/mid/small viewports.
HTML5CSS3Bootstrap Grids
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Weather Prototype
Weather Prototype Minimal weather app for web in ReactJS. Frontend architecture project in ReactJS.
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E-mail: guilsa001@gmail.com
Phone: 1 650 296-6692
Skype: guilherme.i.sa